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i think some regulation is right. the question is how much is too much and how much is enough. remember that this president came into the office. $750,000 jobs were being lost per month. we are not creating the number of jobs we want to be. we are back up to creating jobs month by month. you can't say it is not workin i think the president acknowledges that. we have to turn this country around. >> i would make one note. when obama was sworn in, the unemployment rate was 6.9% and now it's about 9.6%. the president hasn't focussed on jobs at all.
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that's the beauty of america and the president should revel in being called a dog. >> when you have a member of congress calling from the chamber, that's a big shift from where we've ever been before some of the thing that's happen said and done go beyond the le. >> he told us he fails to unite the country. he admitted he did not succeed
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in that area. >> then president bush really lost his way. dik cheney took way too much control of what was going on. we saw that leading into 9/11 which really should be a day of national unity and remembrance. so much of what we were talking about yesterday was disio and how much deviciveness there is in this country. host: welcome to the program. caller: good morning. i blame most of the mainstream media for giving us this disaster. congress controlled the money. controlled by 20 # by the democrats. i get sick of any so-called
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republicans that sit there and don't bring that up. i question his credentials. he spend most of his time at msmbc. they give us this guy that has never run anything in his life. we'll get a response. thank yous bob. this is a big country. we have an economic down turn. people really hurt now in the country.
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>> including like the house.
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a former aid could you not take this and say they are also former staffers including legislation in washington. is this a fair piece? guest: i think so. he still likes to go in control of doing things. let'st democrats.

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